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Transforming Women's Health Before, During and After Menopause

Just because your hormones are out of control doesn’t mean you have to be. 

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Flourish through menopause

Just because your hormones are out of control doesn’t mean you have to be. Leverage a doctor of physical therapy, menopause health specialist, life coach, and master Pilates teacher to help you build foundational health and well-being so you can thrive during menopause, midlife, and beyond with self-love, self-acceptance, and self-confidence.

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Gain authority over your body

Nourish Your Mind

Reclaim Your Midlife Fertility

Who We Serve

Providing comprehensive care for midlife women so they can: 


  • Achieve physical, mental, and emotional health/well-being

  • Mitigate menopausal symptoms

  • Recover from injury/surgery

  • Prevent /manage chronic diseases and conditions

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You can be healthy, you can be vibrant, you can be sexy, you can be creative, and you can live your best life starting NOW!  

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How We Transform Lives

  • Holistic Approach

    Our unique system is anchored in a bio-psycho-social model that addresses all aspects of health and well-being for women navigating midlife and menopause. 

  • Comprehensive Assessments & Personalized Treatments

    Our novel bio-psycho-social approach to evaluation and treatments 

  • Interdisciplinary Collaboration 

    Selective association with vetted providers 

  • Healing Spaces

    Nurturing supportive environment 

Why Choose Us for Your Menopause Support?

To be clear, Flourishing during and after menopause requires consistent effort and dedication. You've overcome challenges before, and this time I'll be your support and will guide you every step of the way.

Support through your Journey

You won't have to figure out how to manage your body and mind during YOUR menopause transition on your own.  You'll have an expert by your side to guide you. 

 Science-Backed Solutions 

You'll get proven solutions backed by science, based on my professional and personal experience, and sprinkled with a little fairy dust on top.    

A Unique System

I've created a unique blueprint to help you manage and relieve your menopause your way.  This system considers your body, your mind, your life, and your goals for this important time.    

Create Your Longevity Plan

You'll learn to support your body and mind during this life phase changes resulting in less brain fog, a healthier heart, strong and flexible bones and muscles, and better relationships (even your sex life). Together, we'll create and execute your longevity plan for the next 40+ years.

So, are you ready to take the first step?

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Holistic Approach

Comprehensive Assessments & Personalized Care

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  • Considers the whole woman, not just specific symptoms. 
  • Covers the physical, psychological, and social elements related to our clients health concerns. 
  • Provides a nuanced understanding of our patients health and well-being.
  • Helps us tailor treatments to target all three elements simultaneously within each session. 
  • One-on-one care delivered by licensed and/or certified practitioners in their respective fields.
  • We combine evidence-informed techniques with our clinical experience to execute personalized care plans.
  • This individualized approach builds trust, maximizes efficiency, and accelerates recovery.
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Interdisciplinary Collaboration

  • Our client-first perspective produces better outcomes for our patients and clients.   
  • We have a curated and vetted network of health and wellness professionals for referral when necessary. 
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Image of the inside clinic for Dr. Diedra, Physical Therapist, Clinical Pilates Teacher, and Menopause Coach

Private Clinic & Safe Spaces


Whether in our boutique clinic or private online community, we've created a supportive environment conducive to healing, restoration and growth. 

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You can be healthy, you can be vibrant, you can be sexy, you can be creative, and you can live your best life starting NOW!  

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Dr. Diedra, Menopause Coach, Master Pilates Teacher, Clinical PIlates, Physical Therapist

Hi, I'm Dr. Diedra

As the founder of this practice, I have personally experienced the challenges of menopause due to breast cancer treatments since my mid-30s.  

I've combined my expertise as a doctor of physical therapy, menopause health & life coach, and master Pilates teacher to address the specific needs of midlife women transitioning through menopause and beyond. 


Learn more about me HERE.
Nationally Certified Pilates Teacher badge and badge for Professional Certified Coach from The Life Coach School

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